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ID Touch Protein 500 ml

1,750.00 EGP

Product Description: A therapeutic treatment for hair straightening

Product ingredients: keratin, protein, marine collagen, argan oil, jojoba oil, and sweet almond oil

Product features: It does not contain formalyl, and it helps treat hair from damage and strengthens hair follicles

How to use :

– Wash the hair with sulfate shampoo and rinse with water three times to ensure that there are no greasy residue on the hair.

Dry the hair with cold air and make sure it is completely dry. The hair is divided according to its length into three sections. The protein is distributed using the brush prepared for this purpose, from the roots to the ends of the ends

Leave the protein on the hair for at least two hours. The hair is pressed using thermal ceramic at a temperature not less than 235 degrees Celsius

Leave the hair for at least an hour, then wash with water and hair mask and rinse

The hair is straightened with a blow dryer or thermal ceramic

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