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Who We Are

Cosmopack is one of the leading pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical producers that has been established since 1962 operating under the provisions of the ministry of health in Egypt.

Our Products

Cosmopack’s products have been known locally and throughout the MENA region as a part of the company’s export strategy.

Our products are known under the name:

In addition to other products being manufactured and packaged at our premises for our clients, Cosmopack also has the ability to manufacture cosmetics under company’s brand names or for a private label.

Nowadays, after expanding Cosmopack’s plan, our facilities accommodate production lines for hair products including hair straightening and hair care, skin care products, and baby care.

Our Portfolio

Our portfolio consists of over 300 products being produced and packaged at our facilities and being traded under the brand name of the local distributors.

Cosmopack has certificates for ISO 18001, ISO 9001, and GMP in (Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Kuwait, Jordan, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, Algeria, and all over the world).